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TST Sweden Overall 10/28 Skyddskläder

ART.NO:5144047 5080


  • Protection on the whole front of the legs up to the waist, the forearms and the entire area round the arm. Note: No protection on the upper body. Must be worn together with Vest.
  • The neoprene collar seals well round the neck while maintaining freedom of movement.
  • The Overall is always in place, no matter if the operator is climbing on ladders or working in narrow spaces.
  • Ventilation is an option.
  • Part of the Sigma Kit.
  • CE Regulation (EU) 2016/425



ART.NO:5198000 5040

We have taken comfort to the next level with the option to add ventilation in our EliteOperator and 10/28 Trousers and Overall. This solution allows compressed air to flow through the clothing, cooling the operator during the entire work shift.

To make maximum use of the ventilation a continued airflow of 250–400 l/minute (9–14 CFM) at 7 bar is required. Also, smaller compressors can be used if there is a possibility to regulate the airflow.

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